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General and Safe Ventilation with LockLatch™

March 10, 2016

As any homeowner or tenant will tell you, the balance between home security and keeping your home ventilated safely is a constant battle. We all like to enjoy fresh air and to give our pets unlimited, easy access, but keeping our home from being stuffy by leaving windows and doors open can be a huge security risk. Not any more! LockLatch™ latch locks are the definitive window latches and door catches, ensuring your home has general and safe ventilation!

LockLatch™: The Ultimate Window Security

Window Latches are vital for safe ventilation and ultimately, window security. Because LockLatch™ fits any size, type or opening, it is one of the most versatile lock and latches, plus it’s DYI-friendly making it possible for you to install yourself. With windows being a prime entry point for burglars, don’t compromise on window security! With LockLatch™ you can leave your windows open, but locked and therefore enjoy the ultimate in safe ventilation and window security.

LockLatch™: Safe Ventilation with Door catches

Door catches and door latches are the key to safe ventilation in the home. LockLatch™ door catches not only make the best window latches but are also the ultimate door catches. With its many uses, including cat flap and dog door alternatives as well as general ventilation, the fact that it fits any size or material door, LockLatch™ will ensure your home is secure and safe without you having to forgo good ventilation. From sliding doors to aluminium doors, fit LockLatch™ for the best door and window security

Trade in Your Locks and Latches for LockLatch™

Locks and latches are vital in ensuring general and safe ventilation – but with so many doors and windows what do you do? If you’re looking for one door catch or window latch for all your windows and doors (no matter the size, type, or material of the door), then look no further. LockLatch™ eliminates the time-consuming task of trying to find multiple products for all your lock and latch needs by offering you one latch that can fit multiple windows and doors – leaving your home safely ventilated in no time.

LockLatch™, Your Cheapest Window Ventilation Lock

Simply put, LockLatch ™ is an adjustable lockable latch, that allows you to leave windows and doors open, while affording you the peace of mind of knowing your home is secure. Add that to the fact that it fits any size and material window or door (whichever way they open), LockLatch ™ is a cost-effective DIY-friendly Window Ventilation Lock, that doesn’t require costly professional installation. Investing in our latch locks means saving time and money trying to find multiple locks and latches for multiple doors and windows.

Choosing LockLatch™ for all your window latch and door catch needs will ensure that you have general and safe ventilation while still keeping your home safe and secure. Whether you are looking for added window security, sliding door locks, aluminum door locks or window stay locks, LockLatch™ is your best window ventilation lock choice.


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