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We have two cats and litter boxes are disgusting so we keep ours on an upper balcony here in our Hollywood Hills home (U.S.) For years I had been looking for a method to let the cats out but not let humans in. Especially after an unwanted human visitor. I sleep better now. I cannot recommend this product enough whether you have pets or not.
Art Weeks, Hollywood, CA
Hi Steve, Here's feedback and some picks to post. Once you get the position correct, fitting is a 5 min job. It takes longer to get the tools out! Once in place the catches are VERY solid. A good, very well made product. Kind regards
Darren, Surbiton, Surrey, UK
Exactly what we were looking for. We have no windows in our bedroom, just the French Door. The wife wanted to feel more secure in leaving it open overnight for air flow, and so this is perfect
Jordan Drew, Victoria, BC, Canada

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