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Office Security

June 30, 2021

If the past year and a half have shown us anything it’s that we need to start thinking about the concept of “the office” differently. The future of the office seems to exist in a hybrid space, somewhere between the convenience of working from home and the collaboration that comes from having your colleagues in the same building. With this new normal becoming an ongoing fixture in our lives, we thought it would be a good time to take a fresh look at office security through this lens.

Affordable and Natural Home Ventilation Solutions

May 22, 2021

Poor ventilation in the home can cause a wide range of health problems relating to the development of moulds and the buildup of allergens, and in some cases can also lead to serious property damage. Luckily, you don’t always have to install expensive air conditioning units or dehumidifiers to improve ventilation as there are a range of affordable (and even free) natural home ventilation solutions you can try today.

Keeping up with Balcony Safety and Security

April 24, 2021

Balcony safety and security are often one of the last things considered when it comes to ensuring your home is secure. The fact that they are generally on the second floor or higher lulls home or apartment owners into a false sense of security, where they believe their property is secure, but the reality can be very different. In fact the sliding patio doors you often find on balconies are one of the door types most often targeted by burglars looking to enter a property.

Ways to prevent mould in your home

April 1, 2021

Mould and mildew are constant and often recurring problems in homes across the United Kingdom. Our cold, wet winters mean our homes are prone to providing the ideal conditions for moulds to flourish.

This article looks at which moulds are most common in the home, how to identify a mould problem and how to go about cleaning, but most importantly it provides some useful tips on stopping mould from forming in the first place.

Understanding Universal Security Window Locks

March 18, 2021

Windows are an important feature in any home. They let light and fresh air in, which is important for health and mental wellbeing, and they also keep unwanted elements such as rain and wind out. But by their very nature they often represent a weak spot in home security. Glass panes can be broken providing access to burglars and windows often come with inadequate locking mechanisms, which mean they can be forced open.

Communal living security and privacy

March 2, 2021

While the popularity of communal living has ebbed and flowed over the years, it has once again been thrust into the public eye with renewed interest in sustainable forms of living and high property prices meaning that more and more people are considering this as a viable alternative to traditional living arrangements.
This article looks at what communal living is, how it has evolved to stay relevant, and how you can ensure that you are safe and secure in this type of environment.

Home Ventilation: Protecting your family from viruses

February 23, 2021

While masks, hand-washing and social distancing have become the most talked about virus prevention measures, there is another safety measure that doesn’t get much airtime. We are referring to home and work ventilation and their role in protecting your family from viruses such as Covid-19.

To understand why proper ventilation is such an important factor in reducing the spread of Covid-19 and other airborne viruses we first need to understand how these viruses are spread before we can look at ways we can protect ourselves and our families.

Getting ready for DIY home improvement projects?

February 5, 2021

While the effects of Covid 19 have been nothing short of catastrophic for the UK, one unintended consequence has been everyone spending considerably more time in their homes. Being cooped up in your home might seem frustrating at first, but it gives us all a chance to properly evaluate our spaces and finally get around to some of those nagging DIY home improvement projects that we’ve been putting off. There are always things that can be done around the home, but if you don’t know where to begin, we’ve put together this useful primer to give you some ideas and help start you on your DIY path.

How to Childproof your Home

February 2, 2021

Deciding to childproof your home should be one of the most important things new and expectant parents look into. Even parents of slightly older children can benefit from a child home safety audit. Childproofing isn’t just about protecting your child (although that is the primary purpose) it is also about making the life of parents a little easier. After all, knowing that your child faces less hazards around the home means that you have less stress in your life and more time and energy to focus on the many other aspects of parenting.

Keeping Your Windows Open

October 6, 2020

No matter where you live in the UK the benefits of keeping your windows open are universal. In the warmer summer months, an open window can allow a cool and refreshing breeze into your home, helping you regulate the temperature. And in winter months it is essential that your home is properly ventilated, and it becomes particularly important to open your windows for a few hours each day to prevent the build-up of mould and mildew. This article explores why and how something as simple as an open window can help you live a healthier life.

8 Ways to Pamper Your Pooch on International Dog Day

August 17, 2020

With International Dog Day coming up on 26 August, there is no better time of year to show your love and go the extra mile for your best friend. The past few months have created new challenges for pet owners with Covid-19 making visits to public spaces, beaches and parks more complicated, but as restrictions continue to ease there are more and more opportunities for pet pampering available to you.

LockLatch™: The Best Doggy Door Alternative

August 4, 2020

When it comes to pet access, we at LockLatch™ have keen insights into why it’s so important that your family dog has comfortable access in and out of the home. We also understand the problems pet owners face when choosing the right doggy door. Having the right dog door for your home and your pet, that affords your dog the freedom while still ensuring your home security, is so important...This is why we invented LockLatch™, the ultimate dog door replacement that saves you time, money and frustration.

LockLatch™: The Only Open-Window Lock You Will Need

June 29, 2020

When it comes to child safety and home security, Open-Window Locks are essential. Not only do they afford you the luxury of keeping your windows open for ventilation while still having them locked for security, but they ensure that your children cannot fall through open windows, a huge concern for parents. Add to that the fact that windows are a popular entry point for burglars, latch locks and window restrictors are paramount. Which is why we designed the ultimate open-window lock, LockLatch™ making it affordable and easier to get your home secure and child safe no matter what type of windows you have!

LockLatch, Ultimate Child Proof Window Locks

June 9, 2020

LockLatch™ is an adjustable lockable latch (or window restrictor) that allows you to leave any window open, to let the fresh air in while still keeping windows locked and therefore your children safe!

LockLatch™ – The Ultimate Ventilation Window Lock

May 14, 2020

As any homeowner or tenant will tell you, the balance between home security and keeping your home ventilated safely is a constant battle. We all like to enjoy fresh air and to give our pets unlimited, easy access, but keeping our home from being stuffy by leaving windows and doors open can be a huge security risk. Not any more! LockLatch™ locks are the definitive ventilation window locks, ensuring your home has general and safe ventilation!

The Cat Door Alternative That Saves You Time & Money

March 31, 2020

Finding the right cat door or cat flap is one of the biggest concerns for pet owners. From cost and size, to installation and home safety, there is so much to consider and finding the right cat flap for windows or doors can seem overwhelming. We at LockLatch™ have the perfect cat door alternative for you. A cat door that not only saves you dosh on installation, but heaps of time and hassle as well.

Keeping the Door Open for Cats 

October 16, 2019

We always want the best for our cats and allowing them to move in and out of our homes is, in most cases, a basic need for them. As all cat owners know, felines will very often do what they want so if they want to get out, they’ll certainly find a way. Instead of going to the trouble of trying to keep them indoors, perhaps the best solution is to find a way for them to come and go as they please. Besides this making your life easier and more peaceful, there are several other benefits for your cat (and for you) in allowing them the freedom to move in and out of your home.

5 Homemade Dog Treat Recipes for Your Best Friend

August 14, 2019

They say the way to a person’s heart is through their stomach, and this is doubly true for dogs. Dog treats are a great way to show our furry friends when they’ve been a good boy or girl, or to reward and reinforce good behaviour. However, there are many brands of doggie treats on the market and it can be difficult to discern which ones are made from healthy ingredients or are suitable for your pup. That’s why we’ve put together this list of organic dog treats you can make at home, so you can have more control over how you spoil your best friend.

Balcony Safety & Security

July 29, 2019

Balcony security isn’t just about keeping unwanted intruders out, it’s also a matter of keeping children (and pets) in. Read our article on balcony safety and security and why it’s essential to treat your balcony as you do any other entry and exit point in your home.

6 Tips for Better Caravan Ventilation

June 26, 2019

One of the biggest concerns for motorhome owners is ventilation. Everyone wants a holiday filled with balmy weather and picture-perfect sunsets, but unfortunately mother nature often has other plans. Not only can an influx of dampness result in the onset of mould and rot, sadly it can also affect our health and general wellbeing. Mould can cause various ailments such as nasal complications and irritation of the respiratory system. No one wants to spend their entire holiday coughing, wheezing, or having to deal with eye and skin irritation. So to help you we’ve listed six tips below which will go a long way in keeping your circulation going!

Keeping Your Home Ventilated all Year Round

May 24, 2019

Home ventilation might seem like more of a concern for the summer or the spring, but ensuring the circulation of fresh air should be a priority all year round. When it’s cold outside our first instinct is to shut out the outside world to keep heat in your home and cold air outside. And while the thought of an icy breeze coming through your kitchen or living room might send shivers down your spine, having fresh air all year round is an important part of maintaining your day to day health and wellbeing. Read on for tips on keeping your home ventilated all year round.

Security Tips To Prevent Home Invasions

April 4, 2019

A home invasion occurs when a burglar enters a home and "at the time has with him a firearm, imitation firearm, weapon of offence, or any explosive". Thankfully, these are a rare occurrence in the UK when compared to other countries such as the USA. The reasons why home invasions are exceptional (despite a general increase in regular burglaries of up to 6% in the three years leading up to 2018) is because of harsh punishments (conviction can carry a life sentence), the prevalence of CCTV in urban areas and general improvements to home security. It is this last point that we would like to focus on in this article, looking at ways you can keep your home safe from burglaries and home invasions.

10 Home Security Tips to Make Your Home a Castle

November 27, 2018

An Englishman’s home is his castle. It’s an adage we all know. And while it may be a little outdated these days, the message still rings true. Castles were built to be secure; to serve as a safe place where we can eat, sleep and spend time with our loved ones. That’s why the experience of being burgled can be so jarring. You feel as though this personal space has been violated, and once the walls have been breached (to labour the metaphor a bit), it can be very difficult to regain that feeling of security. That’s why prevention is always better than cure. To help with that we’ve put together a few of our favourite home security tips to help you keep would be burglars from the gates.

Caravan Window Security

April 11, 2018

If you already own a caravan, you’ll know the joys and freedom it can bring to planning holidays, but you can’t deny that caravan window security and safe ventilation is always an issue.

Better Home Security to Protect Your Home

December 15, 2017

Whether you’re at home sleeping or out and about, home security is your solution to peace of mind. If you’re looking for solutions on how to secure your home there are answers everywhere. Whether you live alone, with your family or in a house share, our homes are our sanctuary – our personal space where we can unwind, rest our heads and ultimately feel safe.

Burglary Prevention Through Use of Window & Door Restrictors

October 30, 2017

How window and door restrictors can prevent burglary and influence criminal behaviour in communities. A review on how you can reduce crime in your community with the simple use of lockable window and door restrictors.

8 Home Security Tips from Burglars

September 27, 2016

Sometimes we think we’re being diligent about DIY home security, making assumptions on how a would-be burglar sees your home. But have you ever wondered what exactly a burglar is thinking? We scoured the internet looking for tips straight from the horse’s mouth and came across this in depth discussion on Reddit. Where self-confessed criminals weighed in on some home security tips from their point of view, as well as offered some of their own.

6 Easy DIY Projects to Spoil Your Dog this National Dog Day 2016

August 22, 2016

The 26 of August 2016 is national dog day! That’s right, a day dedicated to spoiling your pooch and celebrating just how much a part of your family they are. If you want to spend dog day 2016 doing creative DIY home projects to show your appreciation and love, then you have come to the right place.

Home Safety Checklist

July 20, 2016

Have small children or elderly parents in the home? Want to make your home a little safer from criminals? We’ve put together a quick home safety checklist, including child safety and home security tips so that you can regularly ensure your home and family are safe and sound.

Dog Door Training Tips

You know what they say, teaching an old dog (or a new puppy for that matter) new tricks is never easy. We have gathered some dog door tips from across the internet, to help you and your pooch get used to the door.

8 Changes to Make this Summer to Increase Security at Home

June 30, 2016

Whether you are looking to upgrade your house security systems, looking for ways how to improve home security in general or just want add extra security measures to protect your home while on summer holiday, now is the time do it. Here are 8 changes you can make to ensure you have more security at home.

10 Must-Have Caravan Accessories and Tools for Caravan Security, Safety and Comfort

June 28, 2016

The summer months are finally here! Which means if you haven’t already, it’s time to dust out the caravan and set off on your next outdoor adventure. But before you go, here’s a list of 10 must-have caravan accessories to ensure your next trip is safe, your caravan is secure and you’re comfortable.

7 Home Security Tips That’ll Cost You Nothing

May 23, 2016

With some simple DIY home security projects and some double checking, your home can be more secure in no time. Here are 7 security tips we have put together that will cost you nothing.

4 Tips When Choosing a Dog Door

May 9, 2016

Choosing the right type of doggy door is paramount to ensuring your dog’s happiness, that you are not inconvenienced and that your home security is not threatened. To help you choose just the right doggy door, we've put together these 4 dog door Tips.

Cat Flap Buying Guide

April 29, 2016

If you’re looking for pet access for your cat and don’t know where to start, you have come to the right place! We know how trying to find the right cat door or cat flap alternative can be tricky so we’ve put together this cat flap buying guide to help you choose.

9 Home Security Tips for When You’re Home Alone

April 21, 2016

With petty theft and burglary on the rise in the UK, home security is of particular concern to people living alone. We've collected these 9 security tips so you can prevent opportunistic theft and enjoy your alone time worry free!

Locklatch: The Cat Flap Alternative That Saves You Time and Money

April 2, 2016

Finding the right cat flap is one of the biggest concerns for pet owners. From cost and size, to installation and home safety, there is so much to consider and finding the right cat flap for windows or doors can seem overwhelming.

LockLatch™: The Best Doggy Door Alternative

March 27, 2016

When it comes to pet access, we at LockLatch™ have keen insights into why it’s so important that your family dog has comfortable access in and out of the home.

LockLatch: Child Safety Window Locks Made Easy

March 20, 2016

LockLatch™ is an adjustable child safety window lock which acts as a lockable window restrictor. Lock any window in the open position to keep your child safe while letting fresh air in.

LockLatch™: The Only Window Restrictor You Will Need

March 15, 2016

When it comes to child safety and home security, window restrictors are essential. Which is why we designed the ultimate window restrictor, LockLatch™ making it affordable and easier to get your home secure and child safe no matter what type of windows you have!

General and Safe Ventilation with LockLatch™

March 10, 2016

As any homeowner or tenant will tell you, the balance between home security and keeping your home ventilated safely is a constant battle. We all like to enjoy fresh air and to give our pets unlimited, easy access, but keeping our home from being stuffy by leaving windows and doors open can be a huge security risk.

Caravan Security Made Easy With LockLatch

March 4, 2016

We at LockLatch™ understand how important caravan security is. Keeping unwanted animals and petty thieves out when you’re exploring, without compromising on ventilation, is a constant struggle. Which is exactly the frustration we set out to eliminate in the easiest, most cost effective way when we designed LockLatch™.

Locklatch™ – A clever and brand new South African invention with “world wide” protection through PCT Applications

March 3, 2016

They say that necessity is the mother of all invention and in the case of South African inventor, Anthony Bairos, this couldn't be truer.

Uses of a LockLatch™

LockLatch™ is a new type of lock that is great for window and door security because it allows you to leave any door or window open but locked! It’s ideal to add to your house security armoury, but is not a replacement for other burglar proofing including electric fencing, beams, lighting, dogs and so on.

Video: Beat the Burglar

March 2, 2016

This police video gives some useful home security tips including ideas for window security, window catches, latches, door locks and various security locks.
View the video

Video: How To Secure Your Home

Watch this short video, it's got some useful home security tips including window security, security locks for doors, window latches and other useful ideas.
View the video

8 Tips To Prevent Home Invasion

View this 4 minute clip on DIY home security tips and ideas for home security products. It’s filmed in the United States, but definitely pertains to UK as well.
View the video

Home Security Tips

Watch this video for general home security tips. It's filmed in the US but has some ideas on how to prevent burglary in the UK.
View the video
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